Define donkey

define donkey

The domesticated ass (Equus asinus), having long ears and a loud bray. 2. Slang An obstinate person. 3. Slang A stupid person. The donkey or ass (Equus africanus asinus) is a domesticated member of the horse family, . the first bishop of Mexico, who arrived there on 6 December , while the first donkeys to reach what is now the United States may have crossed   Species ‎: ‎ E. africanus. Donkey definition: A donkey is an animal which is like a horse but which is smaller and has longer ears. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. Related words male jack female jenny. Times, Sunday Times His life revolves around his work, his donkey and his girlfriend. Learn the correct uses of these two commonly confused homophones. Brit , slang , derogatory a footballer known for his or her lack of skill: The notoriously jammed streets of Kabul were eerily empty of donkey carts and Land Cruisers. Retrieved Errate das wort 24, karten spielen online kostenlos ohne anmeldung You can change your cookie settings at any time. Regular clipping may be bedava casino slot oyunları neglect can lead to permanent damage. In the United States, baden online bilder is used as a slots games free play machines word by English speakers to describe any small donkey used primarily as a pack animal, as well as to describe the feral donkeys calculate combinations online live in ArizonaCaliforniaOregonUtahTexas and Nevada. They also require salt and mineral supplements, and access to clean, fresh water. define donkey In Spanish, burros may also be called burro mexicano 'Mexican donkey' , burro criollo ' Criollo donkey' , or burro criollo mexicano. Heidelberg studies in South Asian rituals. Mules are much more common than hinnies. The Sun Why on earth did he ride a donkey? Each adult donkey establishes a home range; breeding over a large area may be dominated by one jack. In that controversial ad, Zhirinovsky appeared sitting in a sleigh harnessed with Proshka, then claiming that the "little wretched ass" is the symbol of Russia and that if he would become President a "daring troika " would return as a symbol of Russia instead of the ass; at the end, Zhirinovsky beat Proshka with a whip , made the ass move and had a ride on him through the snow-covered backyard of his dacha. Indulge Your Inner Word Nerd. Don't get us started on 'bimonthly'. The older English word was ass n. Times, Sunday Times You'll end up doing more than your fair share of the donkey work while they sit back. We have a computer now, which saves us a lot of donkey-work. Could a Person Ride a Dragon? The little donkey struggled under its heavy burden. Windy donkey as he was, it really amazed me that he could have the face to talk thus to mine.

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